vitamin B12 1000mcg 120 units X 3B Altogether 360 units Multifunctional supplement Quality assurance


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  • Brand Name: stenzhorn
  • NET WT: 120 1000mcg
  • Model Number: VITAMIN B12
  • Ingredient: vitamin
  • Item Type: Bath Salts

 vitamin B12 1000mcg 120 units X 3B Altogether 360 units 

Vitamin B-12 supplements offer an abundance of health benefits ranging from maintaining hair, skin, liver, gastrointestinal and nervous system health to metabolizing fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamin B-12 also produces SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine), a mood-affecting compound. This water-soluble vitamin is referred to as cobalamin or cyanocobalamin and is used as a coenzyme in the body. Vegetarian and vegan formulas are available for those who avoid meat and dairy products, both common sources of cobalamin. This essential nutrient is available in many forms, including lozenges and liquids to best suit your nutritional needs. In addition to a vitamin b12 supplement, consider increasing your consumption in these foods rich in vitamin b12.



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